CFR Pro Level 2


Assessment & Program Design

The title explains it all. All you need to know on how to assess your client and create the right program and execute them and extract the result. There are thousands of instructors who extract the result from clients, but is the procedure right and safe? Are they not leading their clients into an injury cycle just by motivating them to do “ONE more REP”.
A program is not ‘one size fits all’. Every person is unique and every problem needs a unique solution. And the topic is too vast to cover here. It’s more an average joe’s job. You deal with life. And we are serious about what we deliver.


  •  Lectures 5
  •  Quizzes  0
  •  Duration 2 Days
  •  Skill level Personal Trainer
  •  Language English
  •  Students 30
  •  Assessments Yes


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Nutrition and supplementation

Fiteness Nutrition & Supplementation

There are 11,00,000,000 search results for the word ‘diet book’. Which one are you looking for?Are you confused about which diet to follow?Would you like to understand everything about the science of dieting, once for all? Join the 10 hours crash course delivered by the most entertaining fitness scientist of our generation, HariNext time someone talks about diet, show them ‘the way’.


NOTE: We do not STRICTLY provide anything related to steroids, as we focus on healthy living and eating habits.


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CFR Funtional

Corrective approach for Functional Training

Since the start of sport and games, there was a demand for functional training. We move in all planes of motion while we play a sport. How to train for a sport without leading to injuries.

How the biomechanics of the sport should be analysed and the right way of training should be incorporated, by understanding the kinetic chain involved in performing a functional movement. What more can a program give you?… We do give you an elaborate practical approach to most of the latest functional tools available in the market along with basic programming. You can’t miss out the most exciting part of it, the CROSSFIT program and workout.


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Rs. 5,000

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